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The Ryancrete Model Home

One day going through the microfilm, I came across this ad for the Ryancrete Model Home.

I did a pass along Mathew Brady and found the house still standing at 415 Matthew Brady. The address listed in the ad as 205, was for the old numbering system of the Town of Riverside.

The house appears to be pretty unchanged from the outside from when it was new in 1950, it even still has the original railing. When I took these photos of it earlier this summer, there was a sold sign out front, so the property has recently changed hands.

Ryancrete was an invention of the Ryan Builders Supply company that used to be located on Detroit Street just west of the Ambassador Bridge, as seen above in an ad from 1954. The company was run by Leo and John Ryan, who both lived on Riverside Dr. in the town of Riverside.

Neither the company or the building remain today. The site on Detroit Street, is a vacant lot, that is fenced in down by the river.

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