Return to the 7th Concession

Back in March, 2007 I posted about this house for the first time.

Late last week, someone decided to light it up like a Christmas tree.

How many tax dollars were wasted, not to mention lives put in danger by having firemen respond to and battle this fire at this vacant location. It has been AT LEAST 30 months (that’s two and a half years!) that the property has been in such a shitty and deplorable condition. Maybe it’s time to start actually enforcing by-laws?

I hate to go off on a rant, but lately the quality of life in our fair City is decreasing at an alarming rate… Our mayor and politicians have spent too much time lately on idiocy (Greenlink, Tunnel deal, Strikes, Canals…) and not enough on actually running the city. We’re coming up on ten months of no action that we’ve had a burned out shell at Walker & Richmond.

Anyone want to start a pool on how long this is going to sit there in this condition?

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