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Moy Hall

What once once farm lots 92 & 93 were owned by former Windsor Mayor John Davis. John Davis served five terms as mayor from 1897-1901. In four of the five elections he stood for mayor in (there were one year terms back then…) he was acclaimed. The Davis farm, followed the old French ribbon farm system, and the property ran from the river as far south as where the Essex Terminal Railway…
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St. Edward's School

Located on the west end of Sandwich is the former St. Edward’s School at the corner of King St. and Prince Rd. The Border Cities Star, May 3, 1929 edition makes reference to a new unnamed four room school to be built in Sandwich. Plans for a four room fire proof…
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Vanity Theatre

This photo was taken in March of 2008 when the place was known as the Roxy. It has since been purchased as is now known as the “The Blind Dog“. It’s hard to believe it today, but at one time this one one of Downtown’s major movie theatres. This is…

Repairs At The Paul Martin Building

I’ve had a few emails from readers lately asking about what is going on at the Paul Martin Federal Building on Ouellette. Not to worry, it’s just a little repair work and replacement of the badly damaged limestone blocks. The building was built in 1932 as a collaboration between local architects Sheppard & Masson; John Trace & G.B. Colthurst. The plan from what I understand…
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Return to the 7th Concession

Back in March, 2007 I posted about this house for the first time. Late last week, someone decided to light it up like a Christmas tree. How many tax dollars were wasted, not to mention lives put in danger by having firemen respond to and battle this fire at this vacant…
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Ottawa & Kildare

Many readers will no doubt recognize this building at the north west corner of Ottawa & Kildare in Walkerville. This was as far as I can remember one of the first buildings to get “the treatment”. On this post from June, an “expert” chimed in…