Ebbinghaus Electric Ltd.

While at the archives a while back looking through old Johnson-McWhinnie blueprints, this set for Ebbinghaus Electric caught my eye…

The main thing that attracted me was this crazy sign from the front. Love the lightning bolts! 1960 had much cooler signs than the last few decades ever gave us… I wondered if the place was ever built, and if it was, if it was still around. All I had to go by was a site plan that noted the location as Crawford Avenue.

So, while exploring along Crawford, sure enough, the building is still there, minus the cool sign of course.

The south elevation as drawn…

Today. A few extra windows added to the cinder block wall.

The front elevation.

A post was added to the front, likely some time later, as there is no note on the plans for one.

An interesting little building, I would love to see a photo of the sign in place. Anyone know anything about the company?

I suspect the family is still around. This list of the Past Presidents of the Windsor Electrical Contractors Association, list Robert Ebbinghaus as the president in 1969, and 1979, as well as Gregory Ebbinghaus the president in 1994 & 1995. Robert Ebbinghaus is also listed there as an honourary member.

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