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Farewell Top Hat

A sad day for Windsor Saturday as one more piece of our past was lost to the wrecking ball.

As usual of late, a weekend rolls around, and something’s being demolished. Maybe someone out there knows the answer, but why are buildings never demolished during the week?

The Top Hat was one of the few remaining links, back to the days when our Downtown wasn’t set up to only cater to drunk children.

Thanks to Adriano from Windsor Eats for the heads up on the demo.

Photo c. Shawn Micallef

Adriano wasn’t the only one to give me a heads up. Even Shawn Micallef of Spacing Magazine was in Windsor this weekend, when I got a text message from him about the Top Hat coming down.

Photo c. Shawn Micallef

Shawn shot the two photos above, and he sent them to me to share with everyone.

On Monday morning, all was quiet. The Building Eaters were at rest behind the death fences, likely full from their Thanksgiving Dinner.

Irony, at its finest… A Burger King Cup tossed aside into the debris of the Top Hat. As you know, the future of the site is as a Burger King…

Only a few bits remain of the Top Hat. The Tunnel Bar-B-Q, freshly renovated stands out behind, one of the last remaining links to the past, and one of the few downtown businesses with over a half century in the core.

Support what remains, before it’s all gone.

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