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Assumption Church

IMO, Assumption is the most beautiful church in the city. Built in 1845 by the architect T. Elliott, the sanctuary and steeple were added in 1874. The church was one of the first batch of buildings designated in Windsor in 1978. From 1859-1869 Assumption served as the cathedral of the see of Sandwich, before it was moved to London.

A view from the front entrance.

The interior decoration of the church is second to none in this city. It is truly a work of art.

A group on a tour during Doors Open

The West Altar with the statue of the blessed virgin. It was installed in 1850, and is possibly from the previous Church like the pulpit below.

A view of the light fixtures that grace the interior. They were installed to replace the gas lights in 1915.

A view of the paintings on the ceiling.

Looking back towards the choir loft.

This pulpit, was carved 1793, and was located in the previous church. It was moved to the present church once it was built, and was installed in its present location in 1848.

The communion rail was installed in 1925, and carved of Italian marble. It was a gift to the church from the McKee family.

The main altar was imported from Caen, France in 1887.

A view from the loft.

Another view looking towards the altar.

Some of the great artwork contained in the church includes this Pieta. It was donated to the Church by the family of Louis Mailloux in 1890.

The stations of the cross are all works of art as well. The oil paintings were acquired in 1883.

Another statue.

The information above came from the handout given at doors open, highlighting the history of the church.

Sadly the diocese in London claims the church is in need of over 9 million dollars in repairs. Given the track record of the diocese and their disregard of Windsor’s heritage, it is likely they would love nothing more than to close the church. Watch for the offer to sell this one for a dollar too…

I’m sure ME can chime in with some more information, as I know he is a member of the parish.

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