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Windsor Airport

Another older postcard view. Today’s postcard features Windsor Airport, and the shiny new terminal building. Sitting on the ramp is a Trans-Canada Airlines Vickers Viscount. According to Wikipedia, the Viscount was the first turboprop aircraft in the world, they entered serivce in 1950 (the first one was built in 1948), the last ones were delivered in 1964, with a total of 445 being built.
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Dieppe Gardens

An early postcard view of Dieppe Park in its very early days. The Detroit Skyline looks odd without the towering presence of the RenCen, which wasn’t built until 1977. From the Deparment of Parks & Recreation’s History of Windsor Parks: Dieppe…

Calling All Local Musicians...

Our friends over at asked me to post this for them, if you are a local musician, or know any who might be interested, please pass the message along: Calling All Local Musicians: WindsorEats Looking for Music. WindsorEats is reaching out to the local music…
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Assumption College From The Air

A neat postcard view of the University from late 1950’s early 1960’s. Intersting to note on the back of the car, it says “Photo by Frank Wansborough”. Photo above from the Windsor Star Library © 1987 On the old site I ran the following quip when Frank Wansborough Passed away. He passed away Saturday, February 20, 2005. The 27th Mayor of the City of Windsor passed away…
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No, your eyes don’t decieve you… They did paint right over that ring. Not only does it seem like the Expressway work is taking almost as long as the Walker Road underpass (which opens this weekend… YAY!), but the job is half assed as well…
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Descent Of The Holy Ghost

A few shots from Doors Open last month. Today we visit the Descent of The Holy Ghost Romainian Orthodox Church on Seminole Ave, just east of the intersection with Drouillard. Built in the 1930’s the Church features an onion dome, and during doors open, the…
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1010 Wyandotte St. West

Another oldie, when up in smoke in early September. As is the case these days in this city, the burned out hulk of the four-plex sits derelict on the corner of Wyandotte St. W. at Oak St. Looking back in some old directories, the houses early occupants are listed as: 1919 – William A. Loop (no occupation given) 1923 – William W. Kerr, of the firm Kane & Kerr, Real Estate 1924…
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Yummy House

Despite all these years of driving by, and giggling at the name, I’ve never actually been to the famous Harvey Lo’s Yummy House. According to this yellow pages ad, they’ve been in business since 1979. No small feat in this city, especially given that…
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The New General Store

Mark this date down. I discovered when it is that Windsorites decided that big box shopping was way better than supporting the local shops. It’s been going on for 40 years. However 40 years ago, those stores still stocked items made in this country. Now I realize…