Photo Du JourWindsor

Windsor Club

At Shawn’s request in yesterday’s comments, today’s photos will show the Windsor Club. While not terribly exciting, the club’s history is a long one. Most people don’t get regular invites to the 14th floor, so Doors Open provided a rare chance to get up and check out the exclusive club. The Windsor Club was founded in 1903, setting up shop in what is now…
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Photo Du JourWindsor

Windsor From Above

Doors open, was nice this past weekend. I’ll cover some I the sites I got to visit later in the week. Today, however are a few shots of Windsor taken from the 14th floors of the CIBC building, home to the Windsor Club. Excuse the glare on some of the photos, those are…

Doors Open 2008

Just a quick reminder about Doors Open this Sunday. The following 23 sites will be open on Sunday FREE of charge for tours: All Saints’ Anglican Church 330 City Hall Square West All Saints’ Anglican Church originated in 1852 as a mission of St. John’s…
Photo Du JourStuccoWindsor

Stucco Friday

Today’s entry was sent in by regular reader Urbanrat. His email to me read as follows: I know how much you love stucco! I found this stucco palace at 809 Bruce. The house is vacant, it must be the place the stucco boys of Windsor apprenticed! The last photograph is of the rear of the building, look to the unfinished stucco work on the centre wall, they didn’t even use a square or a…
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Essex CountyPhoto Du Jour

Ghosts on Signs

Reader Tom V. sent along the photos in today’s entry. He says: “These two pics were taken on County Rd. 20 (formerly Highway 18), just east of Harrow.” White Rose Gasoline, was produced in Canada by the Canadian Division of the National Refining Co. of…

City Cycle

For anyone interested, along with present the first City Cycle, to coincide with this Sunday’s Doors Open event. Yours truly is part of the Doors Open organizing committee, so as a result, sadly International Metropolis had to bow out of…
Old AdsPhoto Du JourWindsor

Waddell's - The Wonderland of Televisions and Appliances

The other week in the comments, reader JAYPEE asked: Any chance you have any info on a place called Wadell’s which was located on University Ave. at the corner of Janette [EDIT] Cameron. They used to sell appliances and electronics. Here you are JAYPEE. I’m not sure about the timelines for this business, the photos on this page are from the Windsor Star in December 1952. What I do…
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Old AdsPhoto Du JourWindsor

C.H. McInnis

Here’s another then and now left over from the other week… 1952 2008 This one is located on Walker Road, just north of Tecumseh Road. Look at the front window, probably one of the few times, that glass block was removed and replaced with windows, as opposed to…