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Bali-Hi Redux…

Back in March in this post I wondered if the Bali-Hi was a chain with the twin in Detroit as seen in that post.

From the Windsor Star – August 1956

FIRST IN CHAIN – Windsor’s newest hotel will be ready early in 1957, with construction starting next month. The Bali-Hi Hotel (shown in a sketch by J.P. Thompson, architect) will be erected on the east side of Ouellette Ave., south of Gilles Blvd. It will have 52 rooms, including suites and kitchenette units; a restaurant, barbershop and sundeck.

New Hotel Goes Ahead

Construction of Windsor’s newest hotel will start next month, city officials today issuing a building permit for the Bali-Hi Hotel.

Plans have been distributed among contractors for tender, and it is expected the hotel will be completed early next year.

The Bali-Hi will be built on the east side of Ouellette Ave. south of Giles Blvd., and will extend through to Dufferin Pl.

The hotel will have 52 rooms, including suites and kitchenette units, and will be of fireproof construction. Each room will be aircondittioned and supplied with a television set and piped in music. Parking facilities will be provided.

There will also be a modern restaurant, a barber shop and a sundeck.

Plans for the new hotel were prepared by J.P. Thompson, architect , and Gerald Simrod, designer.

The owners (headed by Jack Epps, prominent Detroit hotel owner and businessman) have selected Windsor as the site of the first of a proposed chain of similar establishments across the country.


I don’t think the chain ever took off, as I came across this article from the Windsor Star – July 7, 1970:


City Businessmen Buy Bali-Hi

The Bali-Hi Hotel, 1280 Ouellette Ave., has been sold to a local group of businessmen, it was announced today by Charles Drakich, Windsor real estate broker.

Mr. Drakich would no disclose names of the new owners or the purchase price but he said the property is valued near the $500,000 mark.

The property has been bought firm Trior Investment Co., Toronto.

The 52-unit motor hotel was built and opened by Detroiter Jack Epps in 1957 and in 1963 a addition provided a swimming pool, more parking, and a large banquet room.

For several years the property has faced financial difficulties and on two occasions a professional hotel management group has been called in to operate the facilities.

Trior Investment held title to the property in 1965, when a Kitchener firm, Nuvic Investments, Ltd., took over control. Trior Investment assumed control again in 1968.

The new owners plan renovation of the motel rooms and new food services.

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