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Downtown Windsor – Part IV

The tour continues today…

Along Maiden Lane you can find the shop of downtown advocate Betty Wilkinson, her shop “Works on Paper” is a great local gem of a used book store, and the kind of buisness we need downtown for revival. She has stated in the Windsor Star that this spring will make or break her. Try and get down and check it out if you’ve never been there.

Fug. More crappy stucco.

The site of much needless spilled blood and sorrow.

This is what our downtown has become, and percieved or not, this type of violence keep people and businesses away from the core.

While I dig the coolness of the sign, the shop features the sign with the dude for a business that’s gone, and a sign for American Apparel which is also gone. It’s now a gallery of some sort.

The House of Lee, a long time downtown restaurant. The building sports an impressive bar dristrict protection facade. No worries about broken windows here…

Windsor Korea Market. One of the things I truly love about our city is the amount of ethnic places to shop. It was closed on Sunday, but I went back earlier in the week to check it out.

In the same building no less! Up or down, plenty of places to get your tension…. uh… rubbed out.

Hey, imagine that? A vacancy.

It’s disgusting that Maiden lane is as snow covered as it is too…

Wowsers! Our only stucco clad high rise. Nothing like jamming our ugly recladding jobs front and centre.

Former Biblioasis, vacant. 1,100 sq., $10.00 a ft. Isn’t $1100 /mo a little pricey? I guess that it still vacant since the end of summer is the answer to my question…

Former Book Mark, vacant.

Like a bumble bee clad in stucco. The former Radio Tavern. Now a crappy ass kiddie bar.

Look at how wide the sidewalks are here. If the curb was brought back to the edge of the shoveled area, we could have more on street parking. However it seems that our extra wide sidewalks are there to pander to the patios. Look at old postcards, our streets were far busier, we had parking on both sides of the street as well as two pairs of street car tracks down the middle. I say we pull back the sidewalks and reintroduce on-street parking.

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