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Bye-Bye Cat House

Not sure if you remember last year there was an article about a house that had been abandoned, and was full of cats? The Humane Society came in and removed a double digit number of cats. The house at 1040 Windermere Rd. has been empty ever since and was eventually condemned.

The Building Eater is in the back yard ready to go to work.

Looks like they are trying to do some salvage before demolition. It will likely be a tricky one to remove based on its close proximity to its neighbours.

I was over at my parents yesterday who live nearby, and the putrid smell of cat urine a feces is eye wateringly prevalent even curbside of this house.

It’s a shame, and will leave a big hole in the tight residential streetscape. The house is a two story brick house with a real stucco covering on the second floor. There is also some nice green tiles inset on the front porch.

Hopefully, some thought and planning will go into whatever replaces this vacant lot.

Shouldn’t be too long till it’s gone, so go take a last look at this Walkerville house before it’s in the landfill.

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