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Opening Night

Shortly before the doors were open, I popped in the gallery to take a last look over everything.

Everything was set and ready to go. Then about 5 minutes before, I learnt at the last minute that I was supposed to lead a tour of the exhibition… Heh. If you were there and the “tour” sucked, well, sorry. That’s you you get with no notice. 🙂

Other than that little hiccup, everything went great. A big thanks to all the readers that showed up and introdued themselves. If I didn’t get a chance to meet you, I’m sorry, but I appreciate that you came out. There were far more people in attendance than I could have anticipated. The volunteers at the Gallery told me they had never seen an opening night like this one. With 3 exhibitions openig the same night, there were tons of people milling about.

(Thanks to my wife for taking these following photos, I was busy talking with everyone)

This had to have been the highlight of the night for me. In attendance was Doug Johnson, who was the Johnson in the firm of Johnson and McWhinnie. They designed the Cleary Auditorium and Guest House, the main Library Downtown, and countless Churches and Schools. It was an honour to have him in attendance.

Overall, a great turnout, and a great feedback. Hopefully it raised some awareness of our built heritage and maybe make some people think twice about the buildings around them.

If you’re intersted, the Architectural Guidebook, is now available as well…

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