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Special thanks to the Voice Of Windsor for alerting me last week of the history uncovered at the “big dig”.

Down at Dieppe Park on the Windsor Waterfront, they are clearing the parking lot out, and preparing the ground for the architecturally un-inspiring turd called the “peace beacon”. Once this is done, they’ll be taking out the Cleary Guest House. Love it or hate it, the Cleary Guest house is the last remaining structure from the mid century drive to replace the industrial riverfront with a Civic Space and park.

Prior to the land being cleared for a park in the mid 1950’s, the land was occupied by commerical buildings.

The recent digging has uncovered the original foundation of some long gone buildings.

(Photo above from the VMC)

Demoliton of the buildings on the North side of Riverside Dr. for the creation of a Civic Center.

It is neat when our past makes a brief return, much like the old Street Car Tracks that appeared when Pitt St. was redone during the construction of the DCX building.

Enough with the history lesson! Bring on the shitty souless modern architecture!

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