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Happy 100th Birthday

Happy 100th to the entity of King Edward School. Sadly the current building is only about 7 years old, the original structure designed by Albert Kahn was leveled in 1997 and replaced with a crappy box. As an extra insult to the preservationists who fought to save Kahn’s structure, they incorporated a token bit of the original facade into the new structure. Establised in 1906, King Edward has been a Walkerville insitiution for a century now. Congratualtions.

This postcard is from John S. He notes that the photo was taken just as construction was completed. Note the piles of debris in the front yard and the lack of landscaping. Thanks John, this was a new one to me, I’d never seen it before.

This postcard is from my collection, from about 1910. This gives you a good idea of what Khan’s building looked like until its demolition in 1997.

This is part of the soulless box that was built without regard to the surrounding neighbourhood architecture.

A detail shot of the of only bit of the Kahn structure to not head to the landfill.

Personally, I’m not a fan of this one, or the Dougall School.

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