Dougall Avenue Subway - 1930

From the Border Cities Star – May 6, 1930: This sketch shows the manner in which the Dougall Avenue subway under the M.C.R. will be widened in accordance with an order of the Board of Railway Commissioners. The section on the left is the present subway. The present eastern abutment will be cut down to form a pier, and a new abutment will be built 30 feet to the east, forming two 30-foot…
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Hotel Dieu Convent / Nurses Residence

From the Windsor Star – March 12, 1965: FINAL STEP – This convent-nurses’ residence is the last building to be erected in an intensive five-year building program by the Sisters of the Hospitallers of St. Joseph at Hotel Dieu. The new residence will stand…

Pares Village Secondary School - Pares, Antigua

A while back architect Doug Johnson told me about a project he designed in 1965, and how there is a building he designed, but has never seen. As part of a foreign aid program, a secondary school was designed here in Windsor, by local architects, and was built in Pares Village, Antigua, in the British West Indies in the Caribbean. The plan called for a “U” plan Some of the…
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Dillon Hall

From the Border Cities Star – February 10, 1927: The above reproduction from an architect’s drawing shows the new classroom building which will be built at a cost of $300,000 by Assumption College this year. Construction work on the structure will start on or…

Walkerville High School

From the Border Cites Star, June 23, 1921: Sketch of the design accepted by the Walkerville School Board for the new high school to be erected at a cost of $450,000. It was prepared by Boyd (sic) and Thomson of Windsor. The new building will be located on Huron street…
Old AdsRenderingsWindsor

3209 Church Street

I have always been interested in the odd spattering of old model homes around South Windsor, which are all related to various subdivision projects of the late 1920’s that were killed by the depression. This one at 3209 Church St., just south of Norfolk. An ad for the subdivision ran in the Border Cities Star on November 10, 1928 that featured the house. If the depression hadn’t…
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DetroitOld PhotographsRenderings

Brewster Projects - Detroit

Happy Friday everyone… Here we are again, and today we’ll head across the river to take a look at this great rendering of the original plans for the Brewster Projects. The photo is dated April 11, 1936, and the caption of the back reads: Brewster – (East…