Ouellette & Chatham - Looking South - 1931

I love these old shots of Ouellette Avenue, and what a vibrant downtown we used to have. The building on the right is today’s home of Chanoso’s and South Detroit. The old long lost Labelle Building is visible on the south west corner of what is today University Avenue. Only the then brand new Canada Building on the left hand side along with the Imperial Bank on the north west corner of…
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University & Ouellette looking west - c 1922

One of my favourite Windsor postcards. The elegant Labelle Building is visible on the left, along with a nice shot of the streetcar. A traffic policeman is in the middle of the intersection. To the rear you can see the marquee for Lowe’s Theatre before it was renamed…

Tunnel Entrance - c 1931

A postcard view from the early 1930s, looking at the entrance to what was then the new Windsor-Detroit tunnel. Despite all kinds of plaza improvements, and new buildings over the years, the flow has stayed the same. Enter on the right, and returning traffic makes a hard…