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Wyandotte & Glengarry – Then & Now

Sometimes the difference on a then & now shot can be very stark, other times its amazing how little has changed.

Image from SWODA

Take the image above as a perfect example of change. This image is looking south on Glengarry from Wyandotte Street East. This shot was taken in June 1953, 69 years ago. Almost nothing in the image above is still there today. If it wasn’t for the buff brick apartment building on the left hand side (second building) there would be very little in the shot above still there today to let you ascertain the location.

Image from Google Maps

In the more recent shot, taken from Google Streetview, you can see that the same location looks completely different. The loss of the tree cover and the lack building density, makes it look like a different place all together.

It’s amazing how much Windsor has changed over the decades. I’m assuming that the trees in the older photograph were Elm trees, and that the toll taken by Dutch Elm Tree Disease really did a number on the tree canopy in parts of the city. It’s a shame that when the tree cover was lost, it wasn’t replaced. Trees certainly lend a different vibe to the streetscape.

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