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Happy Valentines Day! We’re sticking with the prohibition era breweries today. Heading east from LaSalle all the way to the former town of Riverside, and the former Riverside Brewery.

Founded in 1926, the building was designed by Albert McPhail, who designed many other buildings in Windsor. It’s amazing that after 85 years, the sign is still clearly visible.

Over the front door, there is remains of a painted sign for a Bird Seed Company that once occupied the site.

The front doorway has alternating limetsone and brick. I love the big “R” over the front door.

An impressive structure towering over the local area. It’s too bad that the best use for the building today is the sand/gravel docks to the rear. It seems to me that this building would have been perfect for a condo conversion.

Looks like “Riverside Bird Seed” ? Does anyone remember the seed factory?

Here you can see the poor old gal surrounded by piles of sand and gravel. It’s a sad same, given this building’s part in our local history, and in the story of prohibition.

An ad that ran in the paper in 1934 looking for investors.

I am assuming that the investors didn’t come, as the brewery closed in 1935, after only 9 years in operation.

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