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Kennedy Collegiate – 1929

Happy Friday once again. Today’s photo is dated September 27, 1929, and takes a look at the newly constructed Kennedy Collegiate. Designed by the local architecture firm of Cameron & Ralston, Kennedy opened in 1929 at Tecumseh & McDougall.

As is usually the case, it’s the small details in these photos that catch my eye. Any Kennedy C.I. alums out there? Anyone remember this wall along the front? When did it disappear?

To the west, the old grandstand of the former Windsor Jockey Club Horse Track can be seen. In about 1928, the Jockey Club sold their lands to the city, who established Jackson Park on the west half, and sold a portion to the school board to erect a new High School.

Looks like they hadn’t even poured the side walks when this photo was taken. Finishing touches, I’m sure.

See everyone back here Monday.

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