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Once again Friday is upon us… Today’s old photo is date stamped on the back from June, 1940, and shows architect Albert Kahn of Detroit looking over blueprints.

Some of Kahn’s Windsor area projects…. Not including those done while he was with Mason & Rice, prior to setting out on his own.

Kahn, Albert 1897 Memorial Fountain for Queen Victoria’s Jubilee
Kahn, Albert 1903 Residence for Willard Pope (demolished)
Kahn, Albert 1904 Barclay Building – Walkerville Town Hall (moved)
Kahn, Albert 1904 Expansion to Main Offices – Hiram Walker & Sons Distillery
Kahn, Albert 1905 King Edward School (demolished)
Kahn, Albert 1906 Elmscroft Carriage House
Kahn, Albert 1906 Walkerville Bank of Commerce
Kahn, Albert 1906 Willistead Gate House
Kahn, Albert 1906 Willistead Coach House
Kahn, Albert 1906 Willistead Manor – E. C. Walker
Kahn, Albert 1907 Residence for Amberry-Isaacs – “Foxley”
Kahn, Albert 1907 Canadian Bridge Office Building- (demolished 1979)
Kahn, Albert 1907 Strathcona Block
Kahn, Albert 1908 Residence for A.W. Ridout
Kahn, Albert 1908 Residence for Steven A. Griggs
Kahn, Albert 1908 Residence for Harrington Walker
Kahn, Albert 1910 Residence for Isaac Walker
Kahn, Albert 1910 Ford Canada Plant # 1 (demolished)
Kahn, Albert 1912 Fisher Body Assembly Plant (destroyed by fire)
Kahn, Albert 1918 Canadian Hoskins Ltd. Factory Building (demolished)
Kahn, Albert 1919 Bourroughs Adding Machine
Kahn, Albert 1922 Ford Engine Plant (demolished)
Kahn, Albert 1923 Machine Shop for Ford Motor Co. (demolished)
Kahn, Albert 1923 Ford Power House
Kahn, Albert 1929 Chrysler Assembly Plant
Kahn, Albert 1937 Ford Foundry (demolished)

Kahn, was one of the most important architects of the 20th century, and along with his brother Julius and Engineer, helped revolutionize the used of reinforced concrete for use in industrial applications.

Windsor is lucky to have a great number of Kahn buildings still standing around town.


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