Gordon McGregor Public School

One of the largest public schools in the City can be found on the edge of the ford test track on Alexis Road…

The School was expanded after only two years to accommodate the influx of students, to Ford City during the boom years in the mid 1920’s

The first part of Gordon McGregor Public School was built in 1924, and designed the year before by the local architectural firm of David Nichols & Hugh Sheppard. According to my files there was an addition designed by Nichols, Sheppard & Masson in 1926.

The original 1924 section features some nice architectural sculpture.

This was the part that was added in the 1926 addition (I think the point where the addition was tied in can be seen behind the closest tree…) In 1934 there were over 1,200 students attending classes at Gordon McGregor. Amazing to think an intercity school in Windsor could have that kind of attendance today…


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