Ouellette & Riverside – 1920

Awww c’mon… Another postcard post!

Sorry, for the lack of variety in the posts lately, I’ve found myself with less and less free time of late, so the post that require less work are the ones coming out lately… Soon enough though, spring is in the air, and the camera will soon be out on the prowl, and lots of new subject matter will come along with the spring (at least I hope so)…

Enough of that, on to the postcard! 😉

So yes, another postcard, but this is one I had never seen before… A view taken from the south west corner of Pitt & Ouellette looking north. In the top right is the former British-American Hotel, who’s foundation is still visible today, also on the east side of Ouellette, but on the south side of Riverside Drive is the Victor Daniel Horsburgh designed Bank of Commerce that was demolished in the 1970’s for the CIBC tower.

The Ferry is at the dock, waiting for the next run to Detroit and note the streetcar loading zone lines painted on the road.

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Had to believe this is the same block, 90 years later…


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