907 Chilver

This house on the s.w. corner of Chilver and Niagara, was built in 1909 by architects John Watt & C. Howard Crane. Watt & Crane were only partners for two years, 1908-1909. Toward the end of 1909, John Watt had moved to London Ontario, where he remained active in architecture through 1940. Crane, partnered with local architect J.C. Pennington from 1909-1914, when he moved back to Detroit and eventually became known as one of the most prominent theatre architects in America.

Above is a postcard view courtesy of John Stefani. It shows the block of Chilver looking south from Niagara about 1915. The edge of 907 is visible at the extreme right side of the postcard.

The house was built by J. Wesley Petch, a local Walkerville “druggist” who had a chain of shops. One on Wyandotte and the other on Ottawa St. In 1920’s Walkerville, having a shop on each street, I suppose, covered the north and the south side of town.

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