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So Long It’s Been Good To Know Ya…

So I have no idea why this demolition went down on a Sunday morning of a long weekend, but it seems awfully stinky to me.

The demolition contractor closed the curb lane of southbound Walker, and methinks that they didn’t have a permit to close the street. But hey, that’s what Sunday mornings are for… No pesky City workers around to point out small problems like that… Hey look in the bucket, there goes one of the columns…

Oh look, there’s the second column… So much for Councilor Dave Brister’s toothless motion at City Council to “ask the developer to preserve the limestone trim around the doorway”. As usual it was just lip service, as that trim is being preserved right to the dump.

Don’t worry ugly ass strip mall, soon that pesky historic bank building won’t be in the way, blocking the view to your mostly vacant plaza…

Maybe this was another reason for the Sunday Demolition? No one to worry about air quality, no Ministry of the Environment staff to deal with… **This photo isn’t doctored. Compare with the shot above, the demolition crew kicked up so much dust, it made the whole area dim under a cloud of who knows what…

Drop that pile of crap… I’m sure that the building was tested for asbestos and lead paint and other environmental toxins before the bulldozer went in…

A small crowd was gathered to watch the demolition. Cell Phone Cameras were clicking away… 🙂

No one that walked by had anything good to say about the demolition. In fact every person that I talked to who walked by couldn’t believe that “the city was tearing down another old building”.

See ya’ Bank Building… And another hole in our urban fabric appears, and sadly other than Halberstadt, Valentinis and Hatfield, it seems the others don’t get it… Every demolition kills the character of our city a little more…

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