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Downtown Windsor – Part V

Today we wrap up the downtown series with a tour of “The Avenue South District” or whatever moronic fake brand has been assigned to the area south of Wyandotte.

Junky, messy tags.

The results of harmless partying?

Long time downtown retailer Doctor Disc. The only business now left in this vintage brick building.

Painting bricks are second in my list of architectural crimes. At least it’s not stuccoed.



The former Jokers Building. We covered it in depth back in September. Around the time I covered it they went to town stripping out the copper and metal from the interior.

A peak inside reveals that it is gutted, and it also looks like the enemy of buildings everywhere – water – has worked its way inside.

Another vacancy…

…and another.

The vacant bingo parlours also have snow covered sidewalks. Someone owns these buildings, why are the sidewalks not cleaned?

Shameful. Allowing the sidewalks to remain in this condition shows a lack of respect for the downtown and the residents who have to walk these streets. Where is the City? These should be cleared and billed back. As you can see above the building is “SOLD” so there is a new owner, no excuses for this.

This turd was built in the early 90’s. After only a few years of occupancy, the CIBC closed the branch and the building sits vacant. I would bet that at this point in time the building has been vacant longer than it was ever occupied. It’s a disgrace that one of the key intersections in this city in the heart of downtown, has a building this ugly on it. In my opinion I would love to see the building levelled and the entire Wyandotte St. frontage redeveloped.

More tagging. No excuse for this either. In a prominent location on Ouellette, this should be covered over immediately.

That’s all. Leave your shooters and empty smokes laying around and head back to Michigan. Thanks for littering and treating our core as your playground! See you again tonight I’m sure…

And the cycle repeats…

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