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Wyandotte Street Subway

Unsued in years and in disrepair, the Wyandotte Subway is due for demoliton and removal shortly. Unlike its neighbour to the east at Drouillard Road, which is being rehabilitated and was built with steam shovels, and other heavy machinery, this one was built by hand.

During the middle of the depression, in a effort to create work for the enemployed men of Walkerville, the town of Walkerville, started to build a subway under the Pere Marquette railroad tracks just east of Walker Road. The entire thing was dug by hand with shovels.

Starting August 13th, Wyadotte Street closes from Walker to Cadillac for the removal of this underpass, and the refurbishment of the Drouillard Road one.

More of our local history gone. Hey, maybe if things keep going the way they are going now, we can build another one as a new make work project…

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