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An Evening At The Elmwood

Below are a few items I pick up a while back that I’ve been meaning to post. The Elmwood Casino (no gambling) was once the Cat’s Ass. It was a classic nightclub and a major stop on the traveling circuit. All the biggest stars in show biz at the time played at the Elmwood. Like all good things, the Elmwood too came to an end. After going bankrupt and sitting vacant for a while, it was purchased and reopened as Brentwood Recovery Home.

The items below date to the 1950’s.

Look at that menu! That’s less than $3.00 a person.

The cover of the drink list…

Draconian Liquor Board rules existed then too. Nothing like creating a cheap “plate of food” to meet the regulations. I bet the Elmwood made a few bucks off that 35 cent plate. 🙂

Check those prices! Times sure have changed.

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