Merry Christmas

First off, thanks a lot to the asshole or assholes who thought that walking down my street last night and kicking every drivers side mirror on every car parked on the street was a good idea.

It certainly was a treat to awake to my mirror broken and dangling from the side of my car. I would especially like to thank you for ensuring that not only that the mirror was broken, but the plate that holds the mirror as well as the mounting brackets that mounts the mirror to the car was smashed to fuck as well. Very considerate and through of you. I am really excited about the prospect of now having the extra expense of having to replace an entire motorized mirror assembly. Good Times!

It really is turds like you that make this city a crappy place to live. Petty crime really has a habit of wearing one down.

So petty criminals, I hope that karma comes back to bite you in the ass, and I hope you have a really shitty Christmas.

Here is my now useless plastic mirror housing.

*Funny to note that my North American car’s mirror broke, but my wife’s Asian built car mirror has a swivel in it, and it sprung back…

Everyone else, have a safe and Merry Christmas.

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