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A Stroll Though The Ghettohood

Here are a few various photos I took the other day on a stroll I took from my house to the River and Back. Through the neighborhood just east of the Casino.

A sample of some of the fine housing stock.

A bankrupt, vacant former Nursing Home.

Vacant, overgown lots & ghetto palms with the Casino looming in the background.

An old brick home, this one appears to be vacant as well. It’s been in this state of “renovation” for about 2 years now. There are a few of these small brick houses in between the River and Wyandotte Street. They date to the 1850’s-1860’s.

Quite a few vacant lots in the area have been turned into makeshift parking lots.

The”Best Roofing Company” Building.

The backside of Casino Windsor. One of the cranes for the expansion is visible in the rear.

Glengary Confectionary. With the doctor shortage in Essex County, here’s a business run by a foreign doctor who’s license isn’t recongnised in Canada. The same goes for the real estate agent I bought my house from.

The downtown housing projects. The tower on the left is notoriously crime ridden. Drug dealers and prostitutes openly roam the hallways.

The front entrance of one of the buildings in the complex.

A vacant apartment building.

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