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Seminole Street Hydro Sub-Station

Seeing as this past weekend was very nice, and my camera was crying due to neglect, I headed out with a friend to do some shooting. As we were wandering around shooting the Seminole Industrial area, we heraded over to this Streamlined Moderne beauty. John pointed out that the building is now vacant. Boy is she ever! All the machinery has been stripped out of the inside, and the hydro transformers in the rear are gone.

Hopefully, this one isn’t demolished. If it wasn’t in such as lousy area of town, it would make a great residential rehab. This building was built in the late 1940’s by Windsor architect David J. Cameron.

A frontal view of the building.

From the side, all the architectural elements are visible.

My favorite element is this stone carving over the front door. What a great art deco reprsentation of the Niagara Falls Hydro Generation Plant.

A view along the front of the building.

A view of the front door. The sweeping curves of this building are awesome.

The Tower Window.

Even the orignal steel sash windows are there.

This is one of my favorite buildings in the city. Hopefully its future is bright despite being decomssionned.

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