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United Grill

From my 1954 Visitor’s Guide, the only other restuarant still open, the United Grill on University Ave near the old Greyhound Station. A gleaming white, streamlined modern architectural beauty. The interior looks like it was quite the hopping place at one time.
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Tunnel Bar-B-Q - 1954

Another neat old ad from 1954, this one for the Tunnel Bar-B-Q, one of only two ads in the entire tourist booklet where the company is still in operation. The Tunnel Bar-B-Q is a Windsor institution, make sure you pay them a visit some time soon. Like most things, if you…
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1404 Tecumseh Road East

This building at Tecumseh Rd and Moy, has a long history as a restaurant, as I recently discovered. As I was looking through an old booklet from 1954, I came across this ad for the Bel-Air Restaurant… Someone along the way bricked in every other window along the side, but it’s still a restaurant. According to some of the long time business owners along that stretch of Tecumseh, the…
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Routley's Motel - 1954

Think about how great it would be after a long day on the road to go kick back in the television lounge. 🙂 This place was located at Walker and Division, where the Applebee’s is located today. I seem to recall the restaurant building (the lower building pictured in…
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Chicken Court

I’ve seen old advertisments and post cards for the Chicken Court, but never knew much about it. I moved to Windsor in 1989, and I didn’t recall it being open when I first came here. A full page ad from the 1954 Visitor’s Guide to Windsor and Essex…
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A Night On The Town

Here are some neat old advertisements I found while looking over some mid 1960s era Newspapers. Just a brief sample of the a few of the nightclub options 40 odd years ago… The Calcot Hotel is long gone. A google search of the address reveals an Oil Change Shop, a Porn…