Train Slide Show # 5 - Saturday

Hey everyone, a little news for you today… Action Hobbies is hosting Slide Show #5, this time it’s on Saturday. It’s always a good time, and there’s guaranteed to be some interesting shots in this one. Try and get out there if you can! Hello…
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A Little Roseland Farm

From the Border Cities Star – December 31, 1925: Interesting to note the location of the public school at what is now Dougall and Cabana. Was there an earlier school in 1925? The current Roseland School was built in 1928 and is further east. (East of Howard). View…

Victoria Manor Apartments - Randolph & University

This large apartment building at the corner of University and Randolph has long been one of my favourite buildings in the city. Built in 1924 the building is typical of the era. It was built by two Detroit businessmen, Walter A. Dousseau and Thomas W. Murray. They operated several similar building throughout Detroit. The building when built contained 36 apartments, each with “four rooms…
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Tribute To The Barn

Happy Friday everyone! Above is rendering of the interior of the Border Cities Arena, it was one of a few pictures from prior to the opening of the arena I dug up. I got an email from someone at Sportsnet who was working on a video tribute to the Barn, and asked if I could…

Proposed Empress Theatre - Pitt Street - 1913

From the Evening Record – October 14, 1913: The above is the architect’s perspective of the new proposed Empress Theatre, which will be erected opposite the Joseph Appelbe Company’s stores on Pitt street. The building when completed will be one of the…
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Ambassador Bridge - 1940's

To be fair since we looked at the Tunnel in the last post, from the same series of images, here’s a look at the bridge. Regional cooperation was evident by the “Welcome to Canada” billboard touting Essex County. Funny how much changes in a half century.
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Tunnel Entrance - 1940's

A neat old photo of the tunnel entrance from the 1940’s. I’m certain someone out there will be able to help narrow down the date based on the car. What a long way the tunnel has come, from the early days, to the giant remodel of the 1990’s, with more…