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2010 - The Year In Review

Well here we are again, another year in the book, and another chance to take a look back the demolition tally of 2010. This year there was a lot of demolitions, some of them due to DRIC, some of them not… 1017 Ouellette, this one came down hopefully to help make the future brighter for the neighbouring Medical Arts building. The Towing Yard at Walker & The EC Row The Northern Belle…
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Royal Apartments

This building at Ouellette and Ellis has always caught my eye just due to the sheer size of it. While there is very little Ouellette Ave. frontage, the building runs the whole length of the block, from Ouellette to Dufferin. There is some nice detailing around the entrance…
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University & Victoria - 2001

I hope everyone had a good weekend, and now it’s time to try and work off the extra pounds lumped on this weekend. Something nice and light for today. 🙂 This photo was taken in October, 2001 and shows the Sofo’s Restaurant at the corner of University and…
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St Clare - 1931

Another week in the bag. Friday once again, brings us another old photo. Today’s photo is dated June 11, 1931, and features St. Clare’s church at Tecumseh and Victoria. Designed by Albert Lothian, St. Clare’s is Windsor’s only art deco church, and arguably Lothian’s masterpiece. This photo shows the original front doors, which have since been replaced. Note the…
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2720 Grand Marais

A few of the places lost in the DRIC demolition that I’ve been meaning to post about for while now. Someone added it to the “future topics” on the right, when the death fences went up in August. I drove past the site the other week, and can confirm that…
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Downtown Windsor - 1975

Photo © Bob Baillargeon A few more today, from the Bob Baillargeon collection, again many thanks to Bob for sharing these photos with us. Hopefully Bob finds some more scans to share in the new year, these are some great photos. The first shot from 1975 is looking north on…
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Kennedy Collegiate - 1929

Happy Friday once again. Today’s photo is dated September 27, 1929, and takes a look at the newly constructed Kennedy Collegiate. Designed by the local architecture firm of Cameron & Ralston, Kennedy opened in 1929 at Tecumseh & McDougall. As is usually the case, it’s the small details in these photos that catch my eye. Any Kennedy C.I. alums out there? Anyone remember this…
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Paramount Apartments

One of the buildings I’ve been meaning to cover for a while, and one that’s come in as a suggestion to feature is the Paramount Apartments on Ouellette just south of Gilles. This building has always kind of reminded me of the demolished Madison Lenox in Detroit.
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Windsor Salt Mines - 1975

Photo © Bob Baillargeon Taken in 1975, and from the Bob Baillargeon collection, many thanks to Bob for sharing photos with us. This photo is taken under the earth inside the Windsor Salt Mine. Anyone out there ever been in the mines? Sounds like it would make a great Doors…