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Windsor, Essex & Lakeshore Rapid Railway Powerhouse - Kingsville

The old WE&LS interurban streetcar line that ran from Windsor to Leamington, via Essex and Kingsville may be a long distant memory, but there are a few small traces of the old network still around today. This building on Park Street in Kingsville down near the harbour, one did duty as the county end Powerhouse of the electric railroad. This Post card view is from the Vintage Kingsville…
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Prince Edward Hotel - 1928

A neat old postcard view, this one dated 1928, of the “new” Prince Edward Hotel on Ouellette and Park. Sadly this one too is long gone. I like the little bot of artistic license take with the hustle and bustle in the foreground. My favourite is the dude in…
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Devonshire Road - c. 1910

Back when Walkerville was a self contained community, this view show how well this little town was connected to the outside world. Streetcar tracks are visible in the road. The Train station is just past the bank, and at the end of the road the Ferry to Detroit. It’s…
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Manning House - c. 1912 - Ouellette Avenue

Going through some old postcards, I came across this one showing the Manning House Hotel and on the right hand side, and bit of a glimpse of the old Post Office. This card dates to around 1910-1912 and shows a bustling downtown corner, complete with the streetcar rumbling past. Hope everyone had a good weekend, and all the Moms out there had a nice mother’s day. Long weekend this weekend…
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Proposed Detroit - Windsor Bridge c. 1925

An oldie but a goodie here today. An early rendering of the proposed Detroit-Windsor bridge that didn’t happen. Charles Evan Fowler an engineer from New York came up with this proposal, but he was unable to raise the funds needed to make this happen. This plan had…
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Elmwood Casino - c. 1959

© John Stefani Collection I believe that this postcard was posted once on this site a long time ago. It’s a neat postcard, and a copy was recently sent along by John Stefani, so I thought there was no time like the present to repost this one. A neat shot from above…