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Carnegie Library

Built in 1903, and designed by John Scott and Co. of Detroit (the same architects who designed the Boer War Memorial), Windsor had the first Carnegie Library approved in Canada, although delays caused it to be the second one to open… The building opened October 16, 1903, and was demolished in the early 1970’s following the opening of the new main branch in 1973 (designed by Johnson…
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Pere Marquette Engine 801 - 1919

A neat old photo postcard of Engine 801. One the backside of the card is a ton of info about the engine. It was built in 1904 by the Kingston Locomotive Company, it was construction number 401, and was originally owned by the Lake Erie and Detroit River Railway. That was…

The Commodore Supper Club

A recent addition to the collection… This postcard is one I hadn’t seen before… From the back of the card: COMMODORE SUPPER CLUB 25 Chatham St., East Downtown Windsor, Canada Tel. CL 3-0427 Famous for Steaks, Chops & Sea Food Featuring Dancing and Top…
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Fountain Unveiling - May 24, 1906

Back in December, 2008, I took an in-depth look at the Memorial Fountain that is located in Jackson Park. Included in the coverage was this ad: IN THE MORNING Unveiling of Memorial Fountain erected in the memory of the Essex Soldiers who fell in South Africa. Military Parade through principal streets. The unveiling was captured in a postcard, one that doesn’t show up too often, but is…
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Bank Of Commerce - Walkerville

So, today is Wednesday… And there was no post this morning… I know. 🙂 I was working on some posts over the weekend, and with Monday being a holiday for me, I totally lost track of the days… Once I got to work this morning, I realized that I forgot to…

Ouellette Avenue - Early 1950's

Car experts, I need your help again on this postcard. Maybe you can help me come up with a date, by ID’ing some of those old cars, parked curbside. OUELLETTE AVE., WINDSOR, CANADA Looking north on one of Windsor’s main throughfares, with Detroit skyline in…

Ouellette & Riverside - 1920

Awww c’mon… Another postcard post! Sorry, for the lack of variety in the posts lately, I’ve found myself with less and less free time of late, so the post that require less work are the ones coming out lately… Soon enough though, spring is in the air, and the camera will soon be out on the prowl, and lots of new subject matter will come along with the spring (at least I…
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Howard Avenue Looking North - 1920

Today is an old post card that says it is looking north on Howard Avenue. I have driven Howard several times, but I have never been able to locate anything visible in the postcard. Given the corner location and age, I suspect it was either taken at the corner of Gilles or…

Ferry Landing - 1920

A postcard today, that I hadn’t come across before… It’s an interesting view of the Ferry Landing, from about 1920, and at the height of the auto age. The cars are coming off the ferry, and it looks like some are lined up on the right waiting to get on the…