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Congratulations to Priscilla Lopes-Schliep who yesterday won a Bronze medal for Canada in the Women’s 100 m hurdles. Our first track medal at the Olympics since 1996. At the Olympic Trials in Windsor this past July, of all the athletes competing, Priscilla Lopes-Schliep was far and away one of the most personable. After crushing her competition and qualifying for Beijing, as she was…
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Manning House

There was a big discussion on an old post the other day about the fate of the remains of the Manning House. The Heritage Committee (of which I am a part) voted to not take any action in moving to designate the remaining section when faced with a request for demolition. The…
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Sulby "Saul" Pazner - 1923 - 2008

**Warning – Long Post Alert** In the Windsor Star on Wednesday, the following obituary ran for Sulby “Saul” Panzer: OBIT: ‘Old school’ businessman ran scrap yard Melissa Dunne, The Windsor Star Published: Wednesday, August 13, 2008 Sulby Pazner…
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A call for help...

I got this email a while back from a former resident who is trying to track down his family history, maybe one of the readers out there will be able to help him: Grade 5 – Prince of Wales My name is David Hansen, and I am a Windsor native now living in the Vancouver area. I am currently working on various aspects of my family history, and right now I am focusing on their school years.
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Rossini Court Parkways

Driving out along Tecumseh Road East, at Rossini, you may have noticed them before, or you may not have. At the entrance to this planned community, stands large brick “gates”. This ad ran in the Border Cities Star, March 3, 1923: Make sure you “look for…
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St. Rose Development

Continuing along with the look at old Subdivision, we head out to Riverside today. From the Border Cities Star – June 14, 1924: Another ad that ran on June 12, 1924, featured these photos: Sadly, a drive out there didn’t unveil any houses to me that looked…
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McLaughlin Park

For the next few days, we’re going to take a look at some of Windsor’s sub-division history. Up first, is this ad that ran in the Border Cities Star September 24, 1920. Being beside the land that was designated as the General Motors Corporation Subdivision, some developer decided to try and cash in on that, and the name of the head of GM Canada, Sam McLaughlin, with this…
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Downtown Motor Sales

It’s always fun to find out about a buildings past… I stumbled across this ad for Downtown Motor Sales, a Studebaker-Packard dealership from August 1956. It was probably the wrong time to open a new dealership, and this was likely one of the last…
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Hanna Street Hydro Substation

A thanks goes out to regular reader Aaron for the suggestion to cover this old Hydro Substation on Hanna St. in his old neighbourhood. I thought I had some information on this one somewhere, but I couldn’t find it anywhere… It was decommissioned around the time…