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Casino Area Demolition

Over the weekend, some more demolitions took place. This house above… …along with this one next door were both torched in a fire in April 2009. Two and a half years later, they came down over this past weekend. Sadly this large Victorian Commercial building also bit the dust. Also victim of a suspicious fire this one was empty for the last few years. It too bit the dust.
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Viscount Motor Hotel - 1964

From the Windsor Daily Star – December 31, 1964. The photo above ran in an advertisement of one of the suppliers for the concrete work, but shows the old Viscount Motor Hotel on Ouellette Avenue. View Larger Map Here’s the site today. Anyone have any memories…
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55 London Street

Another Friday, and another week over. Today’s photo is part of a series of photos all marked “Gambling” on the back, and all dated February 28, 1948. This one shows the store front of Du Barry Frocks at 55 London St (today University W.) A sign of the…
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Royal Yeast Cakes

Today’s picture is a reader submission, from a reader named Jeannette, who came across this photo at her mother’s house. The sign on the fence reads “Royal Yeast Cakes”, but I’m not sure if it was a sign or merely advertising. Her mother who is…
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Ontario Tourist Bureau

Here’s an old postcard view of the former Tourist Bureau location in Downtown Windsor. It was on the same site as the current Tourist Office on Goyeau at City Hall Square. The caption on the back of the card reads: PROVINCE OF ONTARIO TOURIST BUREAU welcomes visitors…