One more week…

So another useless idiot from Bell came the other day. He had instructions to call upon arrival, and someone would meet him here, either myself or my wife. I get home, and what’s in my mailbox? A “technicians” report (and I use the term technician very loosely). What did said report say? Basically that the line tests fine (as it was dry out what a shock!) and that he could not find a problem, plus they didn’t call. If they can’t even follow a simple instruction like calling, how can you expect the fucktard to fix anything? So for four months now, I have had intermittent internet access, and terrible static on my phone line. Apparently the thousands of dollars I’ve paid Bell over the years means nothing to them, as the simply don’t care/refuse to come and correct the issue.

So to Bell…

Fuck you.

Cogeco is coming next Saturday to install Cable TV and Internet. So Bell can take their Sympatico and ExpressVu and shove them up their big, fat ass. I know the $1200 a year or so they won’t be getting from me anymore won’t really make a difference, but one can hope….

I’m sure at the end of the day Cogeco’s customer service is just as putrid, but as long as it works, I don’t care.

So dear readers, one more week of spotty posts, and we should be back to normal.

Trading in one monopoly for another. God bless Canada.

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