We pardon the interuption…

OK, for those regular readers who have wondered why the posting has been so sporadic lately, the reason because Bell sucks. They are my ISP at home, and I have been recieving intermittant service at home over the last few months.

They have sent a technician from both the phone side and the internet side to my house at least 5-6 times and none of them have done a single thing.

Whenever it rains, or it is damp, I have no internet at home. The funny thing about this, is that I had the same problem about 4 years ago. Last time they replaced the phone line from the pole to the house (about 10 feet) and the service has worked fine for 4 years. This time however, they don’t want to/are too lazy to do it.

So in the next week someone is supposedly coming again, and they’re sending a new modem…

If they don’t fix it, I’m going to have to change ISP’s… Once this gets sorted, posting should resume normally…

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