Lost Windsor

White's Restaurant & The Elbow Room - 33 Pitt Street East

in 1917 two Greek brothers Gus & Harry Lukos purchased a one story building on Pitt Street East housing White’s Cafe. In 1924 they built a 3 story building with a bowling alley, that became known as The Windsor Recreation Building. White’s was located on the ground floor. In 1938 the restaurant was renovated and modernized and the photo above comes from that renovation.
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4219 Wyandotte Street East

Photo from Google Streetview A long time reader sent me an email the other week about this house at 4219 Wyandotte Street East, on the south side of Wyandotte, just east of Rossini Boulevard. The house was built around 1877 by early settler Stanislas Janisse. His house…
Demolitiongoing, going, gone...Lost Windsor

841 Ouellette - Final Days

An unremarkable end to a part of Windsor’s history. The large vacant house at 841 Ouellette that was recently painted in a rainbow pattern of colours, burned down the other night in a spectacular fire. Built in 1890 for J.D. Arthur Deziel, the home served as a beauty…
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Joseph L. Reaume House - 1924

One for the lost Windsor files, is this house that once belonged to Joseph Reaume of Ford City. Reaume was a builder and was was also the assessor of the town of Ford City. The house was built to resemble houses that Reaume saw during his winters away in California. The bedroom were all located to the rear of the home in a part that could be described as an annex, separate from the living…
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Marcon Home Demolition - Russell Street - 1978

Demolition of old Marcon home on Russell Street recalls memories for 92 year old Alma Cronin By Brian Porter Star Staff Reporter “Over there’s where I used to play, and that’s where rose bushes once grew.” More than 90 years of memories came rushing back Tuesday to Alma Cronin as she walked around the Frank E. Marcon house in the old town of Sandwich. “My…
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834 Lawrence Rd

Located at 834 Lawrence just south of the large Shopper’s Drug Mart parking lot, is this odd building. Clad in siding, it stands out as not being like the houses around it. A bit of digging turned up that it was built a church back in 1923. This was the original…

James Patten - In Memoriam

Back around 2005, I first met James Patten when he came before what was then the Windsor heritage committee with concerns about the impending demolition of the Cleary Guest House on the riverfront and the lack of concern/appreciation of Modern Architecture in Windsor. I was…