The Plan For 2010

Happy New Year… 2010 is a big year, Olympics, World Cup and all that….

So welcome back for the first post of year seven here on the internets.

I trust everyone had a happy new year? If you had a really happy one, then you might be reading this on the 2nd. 😉

As you can probably imagine, running this site is almost a full time job on its own. So, with several things on my plate for 2010 that need to be done, I am going to ease into a reduced posting schedule for the new year.

As I did this summer (and as it was in the early years of the site too…), in 2010, International Metropolis will be coming to you thrice weekly. Look for fun, new, informative posts here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I’m sure you liked the five times a week content, but hey, the site is free, and a guaranteed three posts a week, is way more than you get at some other local blogs.

There is also a book in the works. Details will emerge as it gets closer to being done, but hopefully if all goes well, you’ll be able to add a copy to your wish list for Christmas 2010. If that project is ever going to get underway/completed, I need to lighten the load here… 🙂

Lastly, if you’ve been waiting to get down to the Art Gallery to see the Streetcar show, your time is almost up. The show closes the 3rd.

So enjoy the weekend, see you back here Monday.

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