How Protected Is Your Neighbourhood?

As we head into the weekend, here’s a little food for thought…

Ever look at the fire hydrants in your neighbourhood? A few years ago, in Ontario, Fire Hydrants started being colour coded. But do you know what the coding means?

Blue – flow greater than 95 litres/second

Green – flow of 63 to 95 L/s

Orange – flow of 31 to 63 L/s

Red – flow less than 31 L/s

So look around at your area, what colour is protecting your block? Maybe we should start looking at some of the federal infrastructure dollars for fixing the areas protected by red hydrants, instead of dreaming of concrete ditches downtown filled with tap water…

I seem to recall when the Fire Department was fighting the warehouse fire at Walker & Richmond, or maybe the one on McDougall & Hanna, they had to go back a block or two back to find a hydrant with enough pressure to fight the fire.

Something to think about over the weekend. Are Windsor’s priorities in the right place?

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