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January 23, 2006 – Election Day

Well, one of these clowns have to win….

All my Canadian Brothers and Sisters, today is election day, don’t forget to go out and vote!

I’m praying for a Conservative Minority.

I’m praying that the NDP carry Windsor once again.

I’m praying that the Liberal Party is decimated.

I’m praying that the Bloc becomes “offical opposition” (just to laugh at the misfortune of the Liberals)

I’m praying that Anne McLelland, Ralph Goodale and Belinda Stronach lose their seats.

I’m praying that change is coming.

I’m praying that someone can keep Steven Harper in check.

Should be fun, I love election night, especially when everything is up in the air.

Kudos to Paul Martin for running the most inept Liberal campaign since John Turner in 1984, and the worst campaign since Kim Campbell in 1993.

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