South Walkerville Home for the Aged

Back in 1951, years before Huron Lodge came to be, the city hired J. P. Thomson to draw up plans for a retirement home to be built on city owned land in South Walkerville. Not sure what happened to this plan, but it never came to be, and it would be almost another decade before Huron Lodge would open on Huron Church, just south of Tecumseh Road. Discussions are continuing on the proposed…
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Greater Windsor Labour Centre - 1965

Originally planned during early 1960s and the period of urban renewal for the core, the local unions in Windsor met and decided to all join forces and build a large office building that would bring all the local unions together under one roof, where jointly they could pool…

St Michael and All Angels Church 1960

Located on Jerome Street in Riverside just to the east of the Riverside High School, is this proposed church building from October 1960. The building was designed by Windsor architect J P Thomson Associates. The building was built but with a few modifications to the…

Great War Veterans Association - Proposed Hall - 1919

Proposed GWVA Hall – 1919 While looking for something completely unrelated the other week, I came across this rendering. One that I had never come across before. From 1919, a proposal from architect J.P. Thomson (who’s firm is still operating today). The Great War Verterans Association, was founded in 1917, and eventually it merged with a few smaller groups in 1925, to form what is…
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