1940’s Anti-Union Propaganda

October 19, 2005 0

I was at the Library in Windsor Today quickly researching something, when I stumbled upon this gem from 1943: Interesting to see the mindset 62 […]

Video Corner…

October 18, 2005 0

I was recently give 3 Detroit related Videos to put online from the mid 1980’s.. These are courtesy of PSIP of the Detroityes.com forums. All […]

More oldies…

October 18, 2005 4

Again from the Bernie Droulliard collection. These photos were developped last night from transnegs (copies of negatives, or negatives of prints) and many haven’t been […]

S.S. Hamonic

October 16, 2005 37

One of the great old steam ships that used to sail the great lakes was the S.S. Hamonic. The Hamonic and her sister ship were […]

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