Lost WindsorOld Photographs

Drouillard Road – c 1928

Photo above from the collection of the Windsor Public Library

A shot taken around 1928 on the east side of Drouillard in between what is today Whelpton & Trenton streets. A pair of architecturally interesting buildings here, both lost to time. Oddly the building to the left of Harry’s Place still stands today.

Harry’s Place was a Men’s wear shop that operated until about 1952. In 1926 in the building above, a 22 year old immigrant named Sam Freed was hired as an errand boy and salesman. Eventually a second location was opened on Ottawa Street and Sam Freed was promoted to run it. A year after that the owner, Harry Steinhart offered the store to Sam Freed to purchase in 1929. He jumped at the chance and quickly renamed the store Sam’s. That store grew, moved across the street and carries on today as Freed’s.

The site of the buildings today is part of the community garden along Drouillard Road.

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