Ouellette & Wyandotte – 1975



As we enter the long weekend, here’s a shot looking north on Ouellette towards Wyandotte. This shot was taken in 1975. Lots of people waiting for the bus, some things never change, even if some of the background does…

Have a good Thanksgiving everyone, see you back here next Wednesday.

2 Comments on Ouellette & Wyandotte – 1975

  1. The area south of the intersection of Wyandotte & Ouellette is so dumpy now, including this bus stop and the Herb Gray Centre for Excellence. It stays pretty dumpy for quite a few blocks, probably up until Erie.

  2. This was the year before the Prince Edward Hotel (see the dark hi-rise down the street next to the classic Canada Building) was unceremoniously destroyed by a wrecking ball. I was hoping someone would come along and re-furbish it to its former glory as a beautiful Sheraton first-class hotel with its excellent restaurants and its luscious on-site watering holes. Downtown was struggling at this time, five years after the building of the first phase of Devonshire Mall, which killed all the great amenities of the city centre core.

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