Farmer’s Market

Despite the CUPE strike, and despite Councillor Gignac’s lone vote against allowing this market, the result was a great success!

A dedicated group of organizers and volunteers worked their asses off to make sure this went off as well as it did. Work started late Friday night a little before midnight, with prep work underway to ensure everything was set for the vendors early morning arrival.

The nice thing about the market was that it was local Essex county farmers. Bradley’s Potatoes from Cottam can been seen on the left, on the right you can see Chris Edwards and the Walkerville Press booth, with copies of their excellent local history book “The Best of the Times Magazine”.

Local flour was also on sale. Chana Foods on the right (, and Thibert Farms ( on the left.

By the time I got there at 10:30, Thibert was sold out of his flour. I bought a bag from Chana Foods, who I’ve purchased from before. Visit their store on County Rd. 42 and see the flour mill. The flour I bought was milled July 2nd. Try buying flour that was milled a few days ago at the grocery store….

Lots of people there, the vendors were all selling lots of product, many were almost sold out by noon. I ran into Councillor Halberstadt there, who biked in from his South Walkerville home. I hope he wasn’t the only member of Council to attend. Kudos to the Councillor for getting out and helping to support the market.

The only complaint is that we need more bike racks!

If you missed it, make sure to check it out next Saturday, and every Saturday, rain or shine through October 10th. Obviously shop early for the best selection, but I’m sure vendors will have more of their wares next week…

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