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This entry comes at the suggestion of regular reader Gabe. He asked about this building located on Caron Avenue just south of Wyandotte St.

For many years this building was home to Canadian Linen. But for the last few years, it appears to have been vacant and is currently up for sale. It is listed at $379k.

According to the City of Windsor heritage inventory, the date of construction is listed as c. 1904. With the brick construction, it appears to be similar in age and construction to the recently lost Seagrave Building.

Here is a photo of the building from 1913, when it was home to its original tenant the Lufkin Rule Company of Canada.

Lufkin Rule, made tape measures and other various rulers. According to the company history at Cooper Industries, they entered the Hand Tool Market with the acquisition of Lufkin Rule in 1967. The Lufkin name lives on today as a division of Cooper Industries.

Does anyone out there have anything to add about Lufkin? Any relatives work there? Anyone remember when it closed?

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