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801 Ouellette Demolition

Back over to Ouellette and Elliott where the building eaters went to work Friday afternoon.

They started on the south side of the building on the old Mother’s Pizza side, smashing though the middle. This photo is from about 4:00 pm Friday.

I paid a retun visit Saturday afternoon, to check on the status. No one was around, but they kept working Friday after I left, demolising the entire front portion of the building.

I always liked the brickwork on the former Joker’s night club building.

Upon closer inspection, the bricks are an optical illusion, meant to look like Flemish Bond bircks with darker headers, the look is acheived though use of regular bricks with a raised texture in the middle of the brick.

Next door at the Mother’s buiding, intersting bricks can also be found…

Another view…

While we were out shooting, a gentelman on Pelissier offered to let us up on his balcony to shoot a few elevated photos.

A view form the south side.

A relic from the past, a brick from the the Jules Robinet Brickyards of Sandwich. The Robinet brickyard went out of business during the depression.

Those intersting bricks on the Joker’s building were brought light as the earlier building came down. They were manuafactured by the Brazil Clay Company of Brazil, IN.

The north side of the building revealed a small glimpse of an old painted sign. Too bad the Joker’s building didn’t come down first, then we would have had a chance to see the old sign…

A final view of the interior of the Mother’s Building. Is this still the old Mother’s decor? If you look closeley you can even see where the pictures were hung on the wall.

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